We rely heavily on wonderful fosters that open their hearts and their barns to our horses. Being a foster is a great way to help a horse in need. We are always looking for individuals with horse experience that can foster one or more of our horses. Fostering is a rewarding experience that allows a horse that's never really had a loving home find a family to bond and connect with. We strive to place horses in long term "Forever Foster" homes. Fostering a horse  for us. When you foster a horse, you are not only helping the horse you are fostering, but you are also helping another horse who is able to come into the rescue with that open spot.

Want to make a difference in a horse's life? Consider being a foster home.

Horses are placed with no fee to approved homes with lifetime agreements within 5 hours of our location (20637). Foster horses arrive fully vaccinated with a current coggins. Foster homes are financially responsible for all the horse's expenses once they arrive, but foster expenses are 100% tax deductible. Foster is responsible for hauling costs. Placed “as is” with no promises/guarantees as to his health, soundness, temperament, etc. Home offers will be screened. Veterinarian and Farrier references required along with pictures of where the horse will reside (shelter and fencing).

If you are interested in becoming a foster home, please email (trfsanctuary@gmail.com) or message us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TRFSANCTUARY)