Where do my donations go?
Donors are justly concerned about where their generous donations are spent. We are always happy to provide sales receipts for grain and invoices for other services, but to give you an idea of where donations are spent here is a list.

$5 - one bale of pre-ordered first cutting hay
$8 - one bale of first cutting hay as of Oct2021
$13.45 - one bag of Nutrena Triumph Select Pellet 50LB
$18.45 - one bag of Nutrena SafeChoice Original Pellet 50LB
$18.95 - one bag of Beet Pulp Shreds 40LB
$23.95 - one bag of Nutrena ProForce Senior Text 50LB
$29.95 - one bag of Nutrena Empower Topline Balancer 40LB
$45 - one farrier trim
$45 - one small round bale (400 lbs)
$65 - one large round bale (800 lbs)

And how much grain and hay do we go through? Per week we use one ton (2,000 lbs) of grain and four tons (8,000 lbs) of hay.